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Camera Equipment Reviews HPRC 3500

Firstly I want to talk about why I bought the HPRC 3500 case with bag insert and dividers & document pouch.

I bought the HPRC 3500 as it is a resin backpack, its a hard case that is aeroplane carry on size, water resistant. The bag insert and dividers are really useful to organise and keep your equipment safe, it has plenty of padding and doesn't add much weight to the case. The document pouch is really useful to keep your important documents in while traveling or keeping waiver or contract forms in while going to a shoot.

The inserts; the bag and document pouch are easy to put in and take out as they are just held in with velcro strips. The only issue I've had is with the document pouch sometimes comes off when removing things from within it; this is not a major issue bu can be quite annoying at times especially when wanting to get out of the immigration lounge and change money as quickly as possible.

This case is really good to travel with, with these inserts, all the photographic equipment I needed for a 3 month residency project plus a few more things could be packed, while all being really safe. With the document pouch being velcro'd to the lid of the case it was really easy to get to and get the documentation I needed to fill in immigration declaration forms on arrival at the airport, the only downfall was the factor that it could detach when removing the file I had the documents in (but don't let that detract you).

The key features of this case is that you can have different inserts, bag and dividers, document pouch, or the pelican style foam, you can securely lock the case with either one or two padlocks located at the top of the case, and it has strap loops if you wish/need to tether something like a tripod the the outside of the case.

All in all I would definitely recommend this backpack case to anyone needing to keep their equipment safe on a long haul flight.

This review was not sponsored by HPRC and are all my own personal views after purchasing and using this case on long haul flights.

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