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Saal Digital: Wall Decor Review- Alu-Dibond

The Saal Digital Alu-Dibond wall decor with standard mount was bought with a £50 voucher. I had seen a Saal Digital book before but nothing from their 'Wall Decor" range and was excited to see their quality .

The software that Saal Digital has created for the creation of the customers custom pieces is simple and easy to use and helps you create your piece quickly.

The shipping of the piece from Germany was very quick. The piece was wrapped reasonably well. As it was an alu-dibond piece that I purchased they made sure to protect the printed side from scratching.

The first look at the image on the alu-dibond I was very underwhelmed and thought that may have been from my image selection. After a few more times looking at printing I began to feel that it was the right choice of image to test their printing. The image I chose was a vibrant image I took in Nepal of the prayer flags with the eyes of Swoyambhu stupa gazing through them.

The image on the alu-dibond is very dynamic with the bright colours being as, if not more vibrant and bright as the image printed on Hahnemule Fine Art Bamboo paper that was used in Nepal for the exhibition of this work,and the whites being a crisp strong white, but in certain light having a metallic sheen and shine to it.

Overall I would highly recommend Saal Digitals Alu-Dibond wall decor, as they are reasonably priced, shipped quickly, and like most German photography products are of a very high quality. As a result I will be using them again and recommending their products to anybody who wishes to get customised products for exhibitions, or even home display use.

To see the full project the image is from please follow this link:

To see Saal Digitals full range please follow this link:

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