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Book Review: Dream Villa-Dayanita Singh

Dream Villa by Dayanita Singh and published by Steidl is a vibrant insight into Indian life that is usually unseen.

Dream Villa-Dayanita Singh

As all books Steidl produce it is extremely high quality. This book although a lot cheaper than what you would expect from Steidl; this is upto the same quality as their more expensive books.

Dream Villa Open fanned pages

Not knowing Singh's work till a trip to Amsterdam in 2015 and visiting Huis Marseille, Museum for Photography, I was taken by how the images draw you into the scene and the feeling of wanting to know what is happening outside the little part of the scene you can see.

I found the depth of the images to be the main draw for me to buy the book.

Dream Villa open standing pages fanned

Now 3 years later and having travelled to Nepal, which is said by many to not be dissimilar to Indian places at night, I find myself to feel more connected to the dark, sparsely lit, yet vibrant lanes and night street scenes portrayed within Dream Villa.

Dream Villa standing

I think that anybody into the cinematic style photography, but not into creating a scene on a film set scale won't go wrong by buying Dream Villa.

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