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'What's in my Case'

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

So what am I taking with me equipment wise?

Well for me it wasn't really a tough decision, even with over 30 cameras. I knew that I needed to take my two digital cameras with a small choice of lenses for the main camera. I was unsure of if I was going take a film camera, I wanted to but it would have to shoot medium format. Of course flying to the other side of the world I would have to take my trusty Mac Book Pro with me to do video and still editing.

Choosing the right case proved the hardest decision to make, but after going to camera shops and looking online for the right case; that can be taken on as hand luggage and fit the majority of my equipment in, I decided on the HPRC 3500 hard case with document organiser and soft divider case insert, and it still has space to fit in the Mac Book between them when fully packed.

The soft divider case insert fully packed is tight and holds most of what I plan to take with me to Nepal for the residency but not quite all of it.

This is all of the equipment I will be taking to with me (less a few items).

Here's whats in I'll have:

Mac Book Pro with charger

Travel documents

Video light and accessories

Close-up lens add-ons

Lens cloths

Travel power adaptor

3x Canon lenses

Flash gun

Canon EOS 600D with lens

Cable release for Canon

Spare batteries with battery charger for Canon

Mamiya 645 prisms

Mamiya 645

Note book

Film shooting note book and log

Olympus OM-D EM10 mk2 with lens

Spare batteries with battery charger for Olympus

Box with 4x extra 64GB memory cards and 120 Film

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