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Nepal: The Journey That Changed My Life

Nepal, it happened! The trip has been and gone, it even got extended.

The beginning was nerve-wracking, the middle enjoyable, the end emotional.

The long flight from Heathrow to Delhi was the longest flight I'd ever been on, and not being a very good flightier till this point, to getting a short from Delhi to Kathmandu after a short layover in Delhi.

Arriving in Kathmandu was another experience in itself, completely different to what I was used to, but I was awestruck by everything; the vibrancy, how nice and hospitable everyone was.

Arriving where I was staying, NexUs Culture Nepal, for the 3 month residency to be turned into 5 months 2 and 1/2 months in as I didn't want to leave the country.

The three month residency helped me find my feet within the art world, and the five months as a whole helped me find myself with in the world and within myself.

It was then time to leave the country, no money left and the visa had finished. It was the hardest thing to do, leaving a country I felt so at home in, friends that felt and still feel like family, and leaving the people I lived with who became like family.

That was the life changing trip to Nepal summarised into a few short paragraphs, but there is so much I could write and talk about that would be the largest post I'd ever write.

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